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High Heels Vs Low Heels

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High Heels Vs Low Heels

Heels have been around for centuries, although as with many things, their origins are somewhat controversial. Some believe that the ancient Babylonians invented heels, others that the Egyptians invented them, and still others that heels were discovered in China or Africa. Whichever culture did invent them, they are still used today and were mainly used to improve the posture of those wearing them. It was the Romans who first began using heels to improve the aesthetic appeal of shoes, and heels were then used to heighten the attractiveness of the female foot. Heels were initially only worn by the aristocracy, which is why they were largely associated with royalty. However, as time went on, common people began to wear heels, and as they became more popular.

It is given that heels are famous and cool. But, how do you work out which heel height is right for you? We’re here to guide you through the process of finding the best heel height for you, which will leave you feeling elegant and beautiful, not to mention comfortable.

Of course, the most obvious answer to this is to make sure that the heel is the right fit for the shoe and your foot. You should make sure that the shoe moulds perfectly to your foot, ensuring no discomfort or blisters, or that it has a comfortable instep strap. If your shoes don’t fit you perfectly, they may not be as comfortable as they could be.


The basic principle is that it’s all about the height of the heel’s platform, i.e. the part on which you’re standing. This (often heeled) platform is different for every heel and will determine the height of the heel. If you have a high arch, then look for heels where the platform is higher – this means that the heel (the part you stand on) will be lower, which is generally better for your foot. Essentially, this will mean a more comfortable fit.


On the other hand, if you have a flat foot and want to raise the height of your footwear, go for a lower heel – a platform that is lower than your arch. Keep in mind that platform heels are in a league of their own and so, if you’re looking at heels – regardless of your foot type – it’s best.


Here are some common reasons why one should wear heels;


Wearing high heels can make you taller; Many women wear high heels to appear taller. Some women wear extremely high heels to appear taller than their boyfriends when they walk arm-in-arm, or to appear taller than women of a similar height.


Wearing heels can also make you feel more confident and powerful; many women wear high heels because they feel more confident and powerful when they feel taller. Humans tend to be confident and jollier when they can feel heightened. It is proverbially compared to looking down upon people. This sentiment plays an important psychological factor in the overall long heel debate.


But it also depends on the physique one has as well as the taste that has developed over the years. After all, while 2-inch stilettos might be a tad too much for some, they can be just the right amount of height for others. It’s all about finding the right heel height for your feet.


At least, that’s what we’ve discovered after taking a look at a new footwear trend dubbed the “maximum heel height index” (MHHI), which has been created by the Global Foot Lab. The MHHI is based on research carried out by footwear specialists, which revealed that the comfiest height for heels is between 2.5 and 3.5 inches.


According to the same research, women who choose heels that are more than that can often experience foot pain, muscle and tendon problems, and even end up developing chronically sore knees.


So, what does all this mean for you? Well, if you’re forking out for a new pair of heels this season, always factor in all things that are at play. Your foot size, your height, as well as the arc of your feet. These things matter.

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