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Tips For Keeping Heels From Slipping

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Tips For Keeping Heels From Slipping

In this article, we discuss what causes heels to slip out of shoes, different preventive measures that you can take and some inexpensive fixes to try. What Causes Heels to Slip Out of Shoes? Heel slippage may not be simply due to the shoes being too big. It could also be that the shoes lack arch support, have a very high heel or are made of a slippery material.


Here are the reasons why your heels slip out of your shoes and tips on how to prevent them from happening again or find new shoes that fit perfectly. No more walking on tiptoes!


What Causes Heels to Slip Out


The main reasons why heels will slip out of your shoes?


This can happen because of the following things:


Insufficient Foot Support – Make sure your footwear has ample support and cushioning for your feet. 


Improper Fit – Make sure your footwear is the right size and has ample room for your toes.


The material of the shoe is too slippery – Try wearing a different pair of shoes with more traction.


Your feet are sweating – Take your shoes off and dry them at least once a day.


The Solution to Prevent Heel Slipping;


To prevent your heels from slipping in shoes, follow these helpful tips.
  1. The right size.

One of the most common causes of heel slipping in shoes is wearing shoes that are too big. It is important to get a size that fits well and is the right one for your foot. Keep in mind that the size of your foot varies between the left and right foot, so you will probably need two different sizes to fit both feet. Try a different pair of shoes When a pair of shoes is causing your heel to slip out, it could be a simple issue of the shoes being the wrong size for your feet. This happens often with online shoe purchases and when you’re buying shoes online. The truth is that shoe manufacturers don’t usually make a shoe that exactly matches the size of your foot.


  1. The Shoes Have Too High A Heel

One thing many people don't realize is that the higher your heel, the more likely it is that you will pop out of the shoe. For example, there are many reports of platforms popping out of shoes. And platforms are usually relatively high heels. Yet many platforms are quite accommodating, even higher-than-average heels. Why? Due to the platform, which allows some extra space for the foot. Therefore, you will find that stilettos are at a much greater risk of popping out than a lower heel with a platform. Stilettos often have no platform, and therefore, nowhere for your foot to go. This results in popping out of the shoe. The solution to this? Lower heels with platforms. If you are tall and have long legs, you will have a natural advantage in this regard. And you may find that you have no problems with popping no matter what shoe you wear.


  1. The Shoes are too soft!

It's not just stiff shoes either, your shoes can get too soft as well. If the shoe sole has softened to the point that when you step off a curb your foot is elevated, you will want to add the additional stiffener to the heels to keep your foot planted and secure in the shoe.


  1. They're Worn Out This is the most common issue. Shoes get worn out from walking, walking and more walking. Generally (but not always) you can tell that your shoes are worn out when your heels are popping out of your shoes.


After reading the above information, if you’re still unsure what kind of shoe to buy, we’d love to help! Drop us a line! we'll always be happy to answer shoe-related questions.

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