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A Guide To Taking Care Of Shoes During Winter

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A Guide To Taking Care Of Shoes During Winter

Winter is coming and what best way to start it is by reading this guide so that you can maintain your favorite shoe during the season. Be it for daily use, work, comfort or travelling, shoes are an essential part of our lives and for them to be fully utilized we must adequately maintain them. Here is a guide that tells you what you should or should not do to your shoes during winter.

  1. Waterproofing

You should buy a waterproof spray, during the winter months it can rain heavily or in some areas might even snow. If your shoes get damped, not only will the wearing experience be terrible but their shelf life is going to be ruined. So best to add a waterproofing layer through a spray.

  1. Cleaning

Pretty obvious but it must be reiterated after your shoes get damped or wet for any reason you should immediately dry them out by using a newspaper or cloth. After the moisture has been observed, put them in front of a heat source.

  1. Conditioning

Due to this once a week by utilizing a moisture-infused shoe wax can be used on your leather boots to give them a good shine and help maintain their shelf and usage life.

  1. Self-work

The exterior is not the only thing that needs to be catered to, you should protect the interior as well. This can be done by not wearing your shoes when the feet are damp, the moisture can cause mould and other bacteria growth either leading to a foot infection or a bad smell and no one likes to wear boots that smell.

  1. Burn

One thing that you should not do is put your shoes directly in line with a heat source. As point 2 calls for the shoe to be cleaned and dried, it should be noted that heaters and radiators if used excessively and directly can cause cracks in your shoes. So use them wisely and carefully.

  1. Placement

What you should not do is throw your shoes after you get back, it feels very relieving after coming back from a hard day of work and just tossing your shoe and laying on your bed. But this deforms the shape of the shoe, the best remedy is to place them properly in a shoe rack so that they do not untimely wrinkle.

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