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8 Reason Why Do Shoes Matter?

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8 Reason Why Do Shoes Matter?
  1. They Can Be A Symbol Of Your Personality: Shoes have long been a symbol of the man. A man who pays enough attention to his shoes can be seen as someone who pays attention to appearance and detail in his life. A man who doesn't pay attention to his shoes can often seem careless about other important areas in his life. There are many websites out there that deal with style and fashion. Most of them will have a little section dedicated to men's shoes.


  1. They Can Give You Confidence: There is a very real connection between how you feel and how you look. Have you ever noticed that a man with a nice tie on will be more confident than a man with a cheap, thin tie? That same theory applies to shoes. A man who settles on a pair of shoes that are comfortable but ugly will often feel uncomfortable in those shoes, while a man who settles on a pair of shoes that fit perfectly and look good will often feel confident.


  1. Shoes Keep the Feet Sensitive: When walking around, having shoes on your feet can keep you unbelievably sensitive. Shoes are an extension of your feet, and they can make all the difference in what you feel. If you're on a sidewalk and feel something unusual, say a pebble or a piece of garbage, you can avoid stepping on it or at least know that it's there. This not only can keep you from getting hurt, but it can also keep your feet from getting dirty or even infected. 


  1. A Bad Pair of Shoes can Ruin the Whole Day: A day can be ruined by a single bad decision. Say you go out to play basketball and you end up breaking your favourite pair of shoes. Not only will you be annoyed, but you'll also have to find a way to change your entire day around. If you have to go somewhere, you'll have to find some way to be comfortable.


  1. Shoes Can Make You More Athletic: Many people think that if you're a beginner looking to get into the shape that you don't love exercise if you don't wear sneakers. This couldn't be further from the truth. Wearing shoes, especially traditional dress oxfords, can make you a better athlete. One of the biggest reasons why is that they'll help keep your feet steady and in the proper position. 


  1. Shoes Keep Hot Feet Away: It's summertime, which is great for a lot of people, but for others, it can be a nightmare. Whether it's warm outside or whether you just have hot feet, shoes can keep your tootsies cool all year round. In addition to keeping you from having sweaty, stinky feet, it can keep you from getting blisters or calluses on the bottom of your feet.


  1. Shoes Can Make You Fall In Love With Walking: What good is a great pair of shoes if you never use them for their intended purpose? Walking with shoes is a big deal, as it gives you a reason to get out there and walk more. The more you walk, the more your body will thank you in the long run. If you hate walking, then shoes can make you fall in love with it.


  1. Shoes Can Make You Feel More Connected To the World Around You: If you're not wearing shoes, it can be very hard to feel connected to the world around you. It's not like you're in danger if you're barefoot, but having shoes on can make you feel more in touch with your immediate surroundings. This can be very beneficial when you're in a crowded area or a city.
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