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What’s New In November At ARQS?

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What’s New In November At ARQS?

Every month brings new hope for people and it is especially important for the business to constantly improve. Hence it is why ARQs brought on new items in its brand, giving them even more variety than they previously had.

Not only do they have shoes for both males and females but they have a kid section as well. They also provide good quality bags that can be paired with any shoe item you buy. They have good brand shoes with them such as Go Soft, Salomon, Hush Puppies and many more. All of these are well-reputed brands and they are all brought under one title which is ARQs.

New Arrivals

In November, ARQs not only brought on new items but also brought on its classic sale. Up to 50% off on a lot of products such as male and female shoes with the prices dropping to measly 2500 rupees. This is as good a bargain as you can get in today's market.

The variety they have almost all types of shoes for both men and women. Including but not limited to flats, heels, pumps, and sandals for females. For males, they have loafers, casual, craft series, and formal shoes. All of these are at good prices and are of good quality, ARQs always satisfy the customer's needs and give you a product worth its price. Some items while being expensive can be justified by their stylistic design, good material and long shelf-life.

Not only do they have this but their export leftover series had new items added as well. Their S.Oliver series has a lot of good products that can be used by both males and females. The design is unique and the prices are again hard to get by.

In conclusion, ARQs has once again added good quality items to their mix. Their new arrival category is not only cheap but it has some extremely awesome items that you would love. They can be paired with almost any dress and they are all season appropriate, so you do not have to worry about the change in weather.
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