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ARQs Shoes Best Collections for Men

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ARQs Shoes Best Collections for Men
The shoes on your feet—the ones you’re wearing right now—those shoes started to become obsolete. Why? Shoes are the only part of a man’s attire that is both functional and decorative. We wear them to walk, to feel comfortable, and to look good. As style consultants, we often assist customers with the selection of their next pair of shoes. And it’s an uphill battle. Most men today have a closet full of shoes that they never wear—shoes they may not even like. But they keep them anyway, because they paid a lot of money for them, and they’re afraid they’ll end up wasting even more money to replace them. Indeed a very tough situation to be faced. You’re stuck with a pair of shoes that you know you’re never going to wear, but you can’t bear the thought of getting rid of them.
As the saying goes, "A man is not a man until he owns a pair of good shoes." When it comes to footwear, it is a lot harder to go wrong with a quality pair of basic black leather lace-ups. Brown, burgundy, and navy are also great staples. Most men should own at least one or two pairs of solid colour basic lace-ups, ideally of high-quality leather. The following list consists of shoes that may not be necessary but that can make your wardrobe more interesting. And don’t be afraid to layer them with socks and other articles of clothing. The following are my must-have essentials
  1. Oxfords.
  2. Brogues.
  3. Monkstraps.
  4. Boots.
  5. Loafers.
  6. Sports

Here are some selections from our Collection;


  1. Horsebit Loafer (744N) - The Horsebit loafer is made with milled-grain leather and hand-stitched in high quality and style. The perfect pair of shoes for any fashionable gent’s collection.
  • Upper – 100% milled grain leather
  • Lining – leather
  • Horesebit – gold
  • Sole – 100% leather.


  1. Classic Wingcap (876) – The classical country oxford brogue with wing-cap design. This shoe consists of 5 eyelets. A brill effect is added in Anneline Black and Anneline Tan for further class
  • Upper – 100% Anneline finish leather
  • Lined – 100% leather
  • Sole – 100% leather Hand Made
  • Vamp of this with 5 eyelets.


  1. JACE MONACO – This new age loafer is made for modern men. Made in rough jeans like material, the shoe is comfortable for all casual occasions.


  1. Vixy – The shoe is made in woven style to match your style. Most suitable for casual weekends, the shoe can be worn on formal events too.


We at Arqs take style and comfort very seriously. The fundamentals on which our institute stands are based on the peace of our customers. Check out our website and stores for more great designs.

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