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5 Things To Remember If You Want To Buy Comfortable High Heels

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5 Things To Remember If You Want To Buy Comfortable High Heels

Ever feel like being new shoes, preferably high heels? Or you saw a nice ad on TV and thought those would look good on me or it is finally time for an upgrade. Then here are FIVE key points to remember when buying them.

The Height

One of the major aspects of High Heels is that well it's high, you need to buy shoes that comfort your feet and at the same time give you an ideal length. When picking for height, pick shorter ones around the range of 3.5 inches, it is a safe range.


As much as looking good is important, it is equally important to finding the right shoe for your foot. The more comfortable your feet are the better the look and the more you can flex your new look.

The right shoe size

This point has not been emphasized enough but finding the right shoe size is very important, not only will it not hurt your feet but it will carry your overall look as shoes are the one thing everyone notices first.

Comfortable style

The fashion industry is truly amazing with its unique and captivating design but alas not all that glitter is gold. While keeping all the points in mind, size, comfort, and height the major point is the design. Everyone has their taste, finding a design should mean something to you and not be a copy trend.

Walk test

The final judge, DO NOT buy a shoe without doing this it may seem trivial at times but it is the best indicator of all the above points. Doing the walk test will not only tell you if the shoe is the right fit, but it will also tell you the comfort level, and how long can you wear the shoe before it starts to sprain your feet. All of these are points that should help you make the final decision. To do the walk test, wear both of the heels, and walk for two minutes, if you can find stairs then use them as well and understand where the balance lies on the shoe. If it is hard to find the balance then it is best to find a different shoe with all the points in mind.

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